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April 24, 2006
Souvenir pictures, sketches and excerpts from Mariko Parade, the new graphic novel by Frédéric Boilet and Kan Takahama, published in 2003 in Japan (Ohta Shuppan) and France (Casterman), and in 2004 in Spain (Ponent Mon), in the UK and US (Fanfare / Ponent Mon).

Peaceful days at Enoshima
Souvenir pictures taken during some checking-out trips in the island
Stay with Mariko (May 2002)
Stay with Kan Takahama (June 2002)
Copyright © 2002 Frédéric Boilet
Sketches and excerpts

Copyright © 2002 Frédéric Boilet & Kan Takahama