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December 28, 2006
« - You should have ordered some spinach, then ?
- Some spinach ?
- Yes. Like in the wonderful graphic novel from Frédéric Boilet,
Yukiko's Spinach. For a French person, the two words "spinach" and "navel" in Japanese sound very much alike. You absolutely must read that book. It's very French New Wave, very simple and very beautiful. At the end, one can almost touch the texture, the skin and the kimono of the girl. Yukiko's Spinach, it's a painting and a short movie at the same time, hung on several plates of a comic book. »

From the diary of Jérôme Attal, French writer and singer.

« This is one of the most surprising books in the history of bande dessinée. Nevertheless, the methods he uses are among the most simple [...] it's as if the author were telling us in real time about the little adventure he had with Yukiko Hashimoto. »

Pascal Ory, Lire

« Yukiko in the hands of Boilet is the most beautiful girl in the world, beautiful like Anna Karina through Godard's eyes, beautiful like Maggie Cheung closely examined by Assayas [...] Frédéric Boilet is an intimist, drawing the tenderness, the emotional tie, the loving relationship with a subjective camera, the fleeting moment where one finally grasps it. »

Éric Loret, Libération

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Published in France and Japan in 2001
Published in Germany, Spain,
UK and USA in 2003
Published in Italy in 2004
Published in Brazil, Hong Kong,
Macao and Taiwan in 2005
New edition in UK and USA in 2007
To be published in Poland in 2007