Updated on September 29, 2016
September 29, 2016 « Facebook »
This website is no longer updated. To find out current news about Frédéric Boilet, please check out the links below :
- His official Facebook account.
- The official page of his last published work, 286 jours.
- The official selling page of his original drawings (in French and English).
October 18, 2013 « 286 jours » (France)
For the new book by Frédéric Boilet, coauthored with Laia Canada, Les Impressions Nouvelles launches today a crowdfunding campaign via the KissKissBankBank website.
The bounties that will be offered in exchange of your support are exceptional : a deluxe edition, original photographs and ex-libris signed by both authors, but also original pencil-sketches and plates from previous albums by Frédéric Boilet, Le Rayon vert, 36 15 Alexia, Love Hotel and Yukiko's Spinach !
September 30, 2013 « 286 jours » (France)
The new book by Frédéric Boilet, a photographic novel coauthored with Laia Canada, will be published on January 7 2014 by Les Impressions Nouvelles.
All actualities as well as various fragments and never published documents can be seen on the Facebook page of the book as well as on the Les Impressions Nouvelles website.
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